The odds of us ever having a dog are slim. Like non-existent. And I’m not just saying that – it really will never happen.

But I am more than happy to let my kids play and admire other people’s dogs!

Cannon seemed to have a love/hate relationship with my brother’s puppies. They were just his size. He loved them, chased them, held them and gave them directions.

 photo 20150705-DSC_9892.jpg
 photo 20150705-DSC_9891.jpg
 photo 20150705-DSC_9895.jpg

Then the puppies would get excited and bark, lick him or jump on him and the tears would start rolling. The puppies would run away and all the sudden Cannon was happy as could be and would go off chasing the dogs again. A vicious cycle.

Grateful for the family members and friends that have dogs so that we don’t have to!