Its red week at preschool. Each week for the first couple weeks they focus on a new color and they’re asked to wear that color if they can. Bennett was so bummed that he forgot on Monday that he was determined to wear red today. He couldn’t find anything red when he was getting dressed on his own, which meant I needed to go up to his room and find something. I looked through every shirt and wouldn’t you know, he doesn’t own anything with red that is short sleeved. Not a graphic, or stripe or anything. There is no red in his closet.

Bennett is close enough in size with Hunter, so I rummaged through Hunter’s closet as well. Nothing. I know there is one red puma shirt and for the life of me I couldn’t find it. I settled on a brown polo shirt and Bennett was beside himself because he couldn’t understand how he had nothing red. I told him, “Just wait for blue, gray, black or green week – you’ll have something to wear everyday!” He didn’t buy into my excitement.

Luckily he came home from preschool happier than when he left! Red week means Little Red Hen and homemade bread. Oh how I love his teacher’s bread. However, he was more than a little protective of his bread. Seeing as though I didn’t help make it, he felt as though I shouldn’t get to eat any. Evidently he listened to the story today in class.
Red Week - Little Red Hen
I played the mom card and had a piece – he just about went crazy – which was worth it because the melted butter on the warm bread might have been a highlight of my day. Slow day, I know.