Just a few straggling photos from our summer road trip up north.

Cannon is our book lover and his all-time favorite is a Sandra Boynton classic, “Moo, Baa, La-La-La”. Who knows how many times my mom read that book to him.
 photo 20150716-IMG_3827.jpg

Afternoons in the park with lush grass beneath us. The other kids were at the playground or the skate ramp – but this guy stayed close and snuggled in.
 photo 20150715-IMG_3822.jpg

My sister-in-law Julie spent time with Hallie, helping her with a back handspring. Hallie was made for tumbling.
 photo 20150629-DSC_9623.jpg

Swimming with cousins – Utah summer swimming is vastly different than Arizona summer swimming – by almost 20 degrees. They’re pools don’t feel like lukewarm bathwater!
 photo 20150630-IMG_3739.jpg

Frozen yogurt just might be my favorite treat. Julie and I made sure to snag some after the kids were in bed and then sat on the porch and watched a storm roll in.
 photo 20150630-IMG_3741.jpg

I miss these ladies. We used to live close and now we don’t. Our semi-annual gatherings are not enough.
 photo 20150701-IMG_3748.jpg

And with that – I think I’ve officially filtered through the last of our summer vacation to Idaho/Utah!