We celebrated this kid this weekend. He’s our favorite oldest boy! 🙂
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Things we love about Hunter.

He’s content. He is happy to play by himself and he’s typically so quiet you forget he’s there.

He’s an animated story teller. He can’t just tell a story using words – he has to act out most of the story.

He’s mechanically minded. It’s why he does so well with Legos. It’s why he takes things apart and puts them together. It’s why he often beats his sister in games and it makes her so angry.

He’s playful. He is great to play with his siblings – sometimes he skates a very thin line of playful and teasing – he has them laughing one minute, crying the next!

He loves “scratchies”. From the time he was little, he could be calmed by gentle rubbing my hand up and down his back. It still works today.

He loves sports. He’s not participated in a single organized sport, but you wouldn’t know it. The kid is athletic and loves to throw the football, kick the soccer ball or shoot hoops.

He loves to scare people. He’s the one who hides the rubber rat in the cupboard in a cereal bowl. He’s the one who walks into the house first and hides only to scare the next person coming in. He’s the one that creeps up behind the sofa and grabs your arm. He gets a kick out of it and then he laughs the most contagious laugh.

He’s been telling people he’s seven for over a month now, so I suppose its about time he’s no longer lying about his age!

Happy Birthday Hunter.