This quote was from a lesson I taught on Sunday.
C.S. Lewis Pride Quote
We are creatures of comparison. We think we know what we want – and then we see something our friend has and we realize that’s really what we want. We want their house, their car, their hair, their vacations.

And perhaps one day you actually get all that your friend has – and it still won’t be enough because somebody else will have more. We’re always striving to have more. And having more isn’t where we run into problems. Its wanting more in order to elevate ourselves or our status above others.

It’s something to think about. I know I’ve spent some time reflecting on myself this week and even caught myself in a few instances where pride started to seep in. What’s in my heart? What’s my motive? The better I understand it within myself the more chance I have of changing my thoughts and behavior. There’s never a shortage of things to work and improve on!