We’ve been in school a month and this is what after school looks like:
Daily life and after school routines

Straight off the bus the kids are ready for a snack – which this day happened to be Fruit Loops and Hunter meticulously arranged his stack by color.

We talk about the day – who they sat by at lunch, who got hurt at recess, funny things their friends said.

We do the teacher recommended homework; spelling words, flash cards, reading and vocab.

Then it’s practicing piano, cleaning rooms (that didn’t get done before school) and doing chores.

Somedays everything gets done quickly and it’s friend time – other days it drags and drags and even after dinner they’re trying to finish things up.

By the end of the night, we gather everything and make sure their backpacks are complete, homework is signed and they have everything they need for the next day.

The next morning wake up, go to school and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Motherhood is often like Groundhog’s day!