Halloween Decor

Our record high, triple-digit weather is officially unwanted. We’ve got to make it look like fall since it doesn’t feel like fall!

Its not even October and we have all the Halloween decor up which is uncommon even for a Halloween lover like myself. Hallie and I had to miss out on a girls night out this weekend with her cousins. (Steve and Hunter were at the game which left me with two little boys, who were not wanted at girls night out!) In an effort to create a worthwhile consolation prize, I offered to pull out all the Halloween decor. She was beyond excited. She pulled everything out of the bins and put them in the areas of the house where they belonged. It’s a process.

After everything was laid out I realized we were missing several things. I went back to the garage in search of them. Having color-coded holiday bins is genius – but not so genius when you run out of space at the end of the season and the stores no longer have orange plastic totes…as was the case last year. Which meant we had a box of Halloween decor in a green bin with a purple lid which I eventually located in the disaster we call a garage. Crisis adverted. I made a note to buy an orange bin ASAP.

The decorations are up – pumpkin scented oil is warming – candy has been purchased – all that’s left to do is fill the advent calendar and let the kids fight over whose turn it is to get the candy! Let the fall games begin.
 photo 20150930-DSC_1502.jpg