I can’t believe it’s September. And although our triple digit weather is no indication – fall is just around the corner. Fall in Arizona is vastly different than most areas, but I throw up some decor and burn a pumpkin candle and it makes me feel warm and cozy. We’re approaching my favorite three months of the year.

And not surprising to many Christmas is already on my mind. Not to stress anyone out, but there are only 16 Saturdays left to get everything in. It’s time for me to start rounding up ideas for our homemade Christmas gifts. I think I’ve got an idea squared away for Cannon. My friend has this massive Noah’s Ark set. I fell in love.
 photo 71o4C4jjUaL._SL1269_A.jpg
This picture doesn’t do it justice for just how large it really is. It’s also very, very expensive. I figured I could make a wooden set somewhat modeled after this one – at least use the animals as a pattern to cut out with a scroll saw. I borrowed the animals this week and photographed them to make some patterns.
Homemade Christmas: Wooden Noah's Ark
Homemade Christmas: Wooden Noah's Ark
Now I’m just waiting patiently for the weather to cool so I don’t get heat stroke in the process. I might be waiting a while. I need to see if there’s any other homemade gifts I can start that don’t require me to be outside!