Most of my projects require me at some point to sit at the computer and make my plan. I use Illustrator to draw things to scale so I get a good idea of what the end product will look like. This comes in handy when I’m hanging anything on my walls. I’m not sure why, but hanging stuff is paralyzing for me. As if once it is hung it can never be removed. I’ll have things stacked against the wall for months before having the courage to hang them. And I only hang them after I’ve measured the wall and drawn everything out. It’s a process.

Even after drawing it out on the computer, I often take one more step: Trace all my elements on paper and cut them out and hang them.

You can see on my “heritage wall” below I have my computer version (white paper) taped to the stairs and then all my cutouts in their place. (as you can see this picture was taken before we made some major updates) I even marked where the hook (to hang the frame) was located on the paper so I could nail straight through the paper and get the right placement each time – without multiple wounds to my wall.
Heritage Wall - creating a gallery wall

This is a process where a little upfront effort goes a long way!
Heritage Wall - creating a gallery wall
It was an awkward space before – on a small wall – and now it houses some of my very favorite pictures of our ancestors. It’s our heritage wall and it’s always a conversation starter for people visiting our home. It’s good to know where you come from.