Our long, extremely hot summers have a couple perks: Endless summer swimming nights and monsoon season.

Two weeks ago we were at a water park as a family and we heard over the loud speaker that they were shutting down the park for a period of time so they could determine if the storm was passing over or here to stay. Shortly after, they closed the park because the lightning wasn’t letting up.

We drove home in the worse monsoon weather I’ve experienced. As I was driving down the freeway, with streaks of lightning everywhere, suddenly all the power of the freeway and surrounding areas went out. It was eerie driving home with it being so dark. Once we got home and tucked most the kids in bed, Steve, Hallie and I watched the beautiful display from the porch. It was slightly cloudy and it was as if a strobe light was going off behind the clouds. The lightning was constant.

Every once in a while the lightning would streak across the small section of the sky that wasn’t cloudy and it was beautiful. Hallie would excitedly look at me every time, “Did you see that? That was awesome!” Little did she know – I was just as excited watching the display.
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