Tonight Hallie and I went to my niece’s volleyball game at the high school. We had to be home in time for Steve to leave for a meeting so we left the game a little early. We walked outside only to find a large monsoon storm had rolled in and it was dumping buckets of rain.

We stood under the covered area for almost 15 minutes in hopes that the rain would let up, but the storm was bad. It was getting late and we finally had to make a run for our car.

Hallie removed her flip flops so she could run faster, I had tennis shoes on so I was okay. I grabbed her hand and we made a run for it.

I have no pictures to document this seemingly small event, but more than anything I wish I had a voice recording of us. We ran hand-in-hand. We were screaming and laughing while we splashed along. The further into the parking lot we ran the deeper the water became. Before long the water was up to my shins and my shoes were submersed. The rain was loud so we were yelling back and forth how crazy the storm was and just how wet we were getting.

We reached the car (the water was almost halfway up the tire) and scrambled in as fast as we could. I turned to see her in the back seat, her hair and clothes were sopping wet and she was gigging, grinning ear to ear. I too was dripping wet and my shoes were spongy and full of water.

We laughed the whole way home about that 20 second run. We may not have danced in the run but we sure splashed in it. I want to remember that.