Did you know that once a year Krispy Kreme celebrates “Talk like a pirate day”? Not only do they celebrate it – they give donuts away on this special day. Saturday morning, I started to see my instagram feed flooded with pirate pictures from my friends in the east celebrating pirate day. I had heard of this made up holiday before but I never participated.

I told Steve we could get a dozen free donuts for every person we dressed like a pirate in the family. He didn’t hesitate – we gathered supplies and clothes from around the house, pulled a costume out of the Halloween box and pulled the Lego pirate out of the attic. In 20 minutes we were decked out in pirate attire.

Krispy Kreme; Talk like a pirate day

When we walked in the Krispy Kreme, we were greeted by other pirates who came to collect their donuts. The employee said Hunter’s was by the far the best costume of the day – which he was stoked about. Within 1 minute, we had our donuts and were walking out. No wait, no fuss…for 5 dozen donuts. (I didn’t dress up – we were in a hurry and I didn’t have the time to gather a costume for myself.)

The kids eyes were wide with excitement watching those boxes of donuts walk out with us – to which we quickly dashed their hopes of eating all of them. We made some deliveries to friends – a dozen here, a dozen there – we had friends over for dinner and had donuts for dessert. By the end of the first day we were left with just one dozen. You can imagine what the kids chose for breakfast the next morning!

It was fun. I’m not sure why they run such a crazy promotion but you better believe I’ll be participating next year! I gathered all the pirate gear and put it in a bag – it will be much easier to put together next year’s costumes. Thank you Krispy Kreme for the five pounds we all gained this weekend.