The major benefit of writing a family blog consistently for 7 years is the family memories I’ve preserved. I like to look back and see where we were 1 year ago – 3 years ago – 6 years ago.

Here’s five years ago today:

My kids are make believers. Big time. I always hear Hallie and Hunter playing house and it cracks me up all the time. They dress up. Well… Hallie dresses herself, and then throws some accessories on Hunter. But he loves it. And they always fight over the same cell phone. It doesn’t matter which phone it is, even though we seem to have 20 of them lying around, they always want the same one. And it changes day to day as to which one it is!

The other day I heard Hallie and Hunter just giggling in his room. I listen for a second and from what I can make of the situation they were playing house. Hallie was the mom, Hunter the husband and then there was the baby. They were making the baby laugh. It was great! (cowboy hats are a staple for every dress up outfit!)