It’s college football season which means our Saturday’s are dedicated to sports for the next little while. We seem to have allegiances to more than a couple teams which requires several hours of watching or checking in on games over the weekend.

Saturday evening Hunter and I found ourselves dressed to watch the BSU vs BYU game in which I sent Hunter to bed before the game was through and I ended up disappointed in a living room by myself. Mediocre game for the most part and a less than stellar ending if you’re cheering for BSU. BYU fans on the other hand had something to celebrate. And typically I would celebrate a BYU win – unless its against the Broncos.
College Football
Steve would have been right beside me cheering for BYU had he not taken Hallie to the ASU game. She was so excited to go to a “real” football game and even better was her cousin there with her. She told me her favorite part about the game was the fireworks that went off when they scored.
College Football
I let the kids go to the earlier games in the season when the temperature is still above 100 degrees and by the time the weather cools significantly, I’m ready to take my turn going to the games with Steve.

Here’s to hoping we have a good season!