This sweet girl is another year older and she’s more excited about it than I am.

I couldn’t ask for a more helpful and nurturing oldest child. We tease her that she’s too nice to her brothers at times – she is always sacrificing for one of them to be happy.

She is very aware of people’s feelings and can sense when situations are tense. She is quick to serve people when she sees them in need; I’ve been the recipient of her unsolicited help more than a few times.

 photo 20151011-DSC_1893_1.jpg

I love that she’s independent. She’s happy to be with friends and cousins but she’s also very content on her own.

She’s a fun shopping partner. She’s started running errands with me on Saturdays and I enjoy that time with her.

She’s come to grips with the fact that she will be the only girl in the family and is embracing it.

She loves Panda Express, spicy enchiladas, the soundtrack to Wicked, leggings, curly hair and tennis.

We’ve got some fun years ahead of us with this one and we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that she remains low-maintenance and drama-free. We can hope right?!

Happy birthday to our favorite daughter!