A friend offered our family tickets to an ASU football game a couple weeks ago. The first thing that always goes through our mind in an event like this: Is it worth it? Will the kids enjoy themselves? Will they behave well enough that Steve and I can enjoy ourselves?

Sometimes we can answer yes to all the questions – sometimes we can answer yes to the first two and that’s good enough.

In this case we were skeptical. It was a late game and we both knew the next morning we would have tired and irritable kids. I thought the two oldest would enjoy it. Bennett would enjoy the first 20 minutes but would hate being left out and we would all be better off if we left Cannon behind. We went for it.

We were right on all of our assumptions. Hallie and Hunter were soaking up the experience. Bennett was also enthralled with it all but lost his luster after the first quarter (which was much longer than we anticipated.) Cannon was happy as a clam at home with our neighbor and all of our kids were overly tired the next day and we paid for it more than a couple times.

The look on the kids faces when they entered the stadium (“But it looks so much bigger on TV!”), the excitement of the pregame and kickoff and the fireworks that went off every time ASU scored. We all had a good time, despite it being a sweat fest with a 100 degree temperature at 7 o’clock. Operation college football appreciation is in full force!
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