It’s hard to believe that two years ago this little guy joined our family and we were trying to tame his crazy mane. Seriously – check out that hair.
 photo 20131105-DSC_6228-Edit_1.jpg

We’re still trying to tame his hair – the cowlick in the front of his hair is going to always be a struggle!

Cannon is fun. He’s happy and a charmer. And he is adored by his siblings. Hallie claimed she’s okay with having another brother as long as her new brother is like Cannon and not like Hunter and Bennett!

He smiles with his eyes and it’s one of my favorite things about him.

He has learned the art of tantrums and high pitch screams which only happens when he’s being bothered by siblings.

He’s a talker and copies most everything we say. His new favorite thing is to ask who I’m talking to every time I get off the phone.

He loves his Aden and Anais blankets and chews on the tag end – they’re stained and ruined and yet I can’t pry those things away from him.

He’s a great sleeper but he loves to wake up early – like every other kid in the family.

He loves Big Hero 6 and Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood.

His favorite toy: Books. All day long he’s playing/looking at books. More so than any of our children at his stage.

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He’s well loved and adored and he’ll make a fun older brother in four months!