One of the advantages of going to Colorado was being able to visit our friends. We’ve met up with them several times over the years; when they lived in D.C. we went for a visit, we visited their home in Omaha, they came to see us in Milwaukee, we’ve met in Nauvoo as well as in McCall. Each time we see them it seems as though our families have grown by a couple kids. Our visits were so much quieter when we both had just one baby!

Our kids line up in ages fairly well and every time we get together we wonder why we don’t live closer. Luckily Denver is a much easier drive than Omaha and hopefully we’ll get to see them more often.

I already went through the fun free things we did with our time in Denver – but here’s a few more pictures with the Owens family on the first half of our vacation.

 photo 20151011-DSC_1868.jpg
 photo 20151011-DSC_1855.jpg
We explored the trails near their home and enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage – a disadvantage to our Arizona living.
 photo 20151011-DSC_1929.jpg
 photo 20151011-DSC_1943.jpg
 photo 20151011-DSC_1940.jpg
 photo 20151011-DSC_1920.jpg
 photo 20151011-DSC_1911.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_1963.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_1967.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_1982.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_2036.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_2025.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_2067.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_1994.jpg
 photo 20151012-DSC_2070.jpg
We stayed up late most nights and talked for hours about everything under the sun. As tired as we were, we couldn’t pull ourselves from the conversations. Our kids became reacquainted after the first 20 minutes and played well for the duration. We left their house reminded how much we love their company. It made us grateful for all those years ago when I worked with the husband and Steve worked with the wife and we started that friendship!