My love for birthday parties is well known but I have a birthday party system and I stick to it. When it’s not a “party” year we are as laid back as they come. Cannon turned two and besides singing him happy birthday 20 times throughout the day there was little fanfare! He got his morning birthday bucket with cereal and a book and that alone was enough to make him happy.

We splurged on two more gifts – a leap frog phone and a Big Hero 6 figurine and his excitement was through the roof. Children really do have the lowest expectations and it’s usually the parents that feel the need for more and more.
 photo 20151022-DSC_2453.jpg
 photo 20151022-DSC_2459.jpg

Cannon adores my friend Julie and they happen to have birthdays just one day apart so they joined with us to sing Happy Birthday to the both of them. I’m not sure if he was more excited that Julie was at our house and he was sitting on her lap or that he was blowing out candles and getting a treat!
 photo 20151022-DSC_2463.jpg

He had learned not too long ago to tell people how old he was – we’re now having to retrain him to say two and hold up another finger!
 photo 20151022-DSC_2423_1.jpg

We now get to move on to Hallie’s birthday this week which happens to be a party year for her. We’re keeping the birthday bucket within reach! Three birthdays in four weeks keeps us busy.