Hallie has received so many well wishes since her breakdown last Thursday about yet another brother. I wish I could say that she’s no longer devastated – although she hasn’t cried since she found out – she still wishes that she was getting a sister. But I love all the stories from friends who are raising houses full of boys and how grand it is. Many have reached out and shared how being the only girl with three or four brothers was awesome and I read Hallie every single comment. All those comments helped.

She’s starting to recognize the great things about being the only girl – she’s starting to get what a great position she’s in. Steve’s mom pointed out – the minute that baby is placed in her arms she will love him to pieces regardless that she wanted a sister. Oh how true that is.

She’s just sad that she’ll just end up painting nails on her own – unless she can manipulate a younger brother to join her!

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