We just returned from a week long vacation (fall break) to Colorado with a brief stop in Moab on the way. Today alone we spent 12 hours in the car with three very well behaved kids and one not so happy child. It was a long day to say the least and we’re all happy to be back in our own beds tonight.

We were gone for 9 days.

We spent well over 2,000 miles in the car.

Went to one national park, one state park and five city parks.

Carried Cannon on two hikes.

Nine fill-ups at the gas station.

Ate McDonalds just once.

Visited four states.

One throw-up incident in the car. (Poor cousin!)

One sketchy motel room.

One canceled trip to a cabin in Colorado.

Thousands of beautiful fall trees to enjoy.

Too many late nights.

Six exhausted bodies flopping into their own beds tonight with great memories from a week with friends and cousins.

Successful on all accounts.
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