We surprised Hallie with an early birthday present with tickets to Wicked. We let her open the tickets just the night before the production and she was so excited. But she had no idea what the story was about and only recognized a few of the songs that she had heard played around the house. So we gave her a brief synopsis and played the songs for the next 24 hours straight.
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This was her first time at the theater and I’m pretty sure she loved every minute. From the minute we hopped in the car, with Wicked blaring, she was all smiles. Both Steve and I had seen it before and we realized, you kind of forget the magic behind the whole thing. Hallie reminded us of that magic. Every set change, every new song, every funny thing Glinda said, she would look our way and smile or laugh.
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It didn’t hurt that we enjoyed the play with some family members – its always fun to share memories with cousins.
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We were nervous giving her an “experience” birthday gift as opposed to something tangible – but I think we nailed it. Lets just hope she remembers those feelings in three weeks when her actual birthday rolls around!