Our week celebrating Thanksgiving with family was a non-stop party.

As our nieces and nephews went back to college today and Steve’s sister’s family returned to Utah, we were left with a quiet home. As soon as we got home from church the kids asked what cousins we were going to visit and were disappointed to hear that the party had stopped.

 photo 20151122-DSC_3061.jpg

Today we rested. We didn’t go see family. We didn’t even go for our usual Sunday walk. We rested. Napped. Read Christmas books. Played sorry. Listened to Christmas music. Had scrambled eggs with toast for dinner. We decorated the Christmas tree while watching Polar express and the kids turned in early for bed.

I’m not one that typically looks forward to a “rest” day but today I needed it. In fact, we all needed it. We’re heading into my very favorite month of the year and I’m making sure I’m well rested to enjoy every minute of it. Or at least enjoy the minutes when my kids aren’t teasing each other! Bring on December.