The PTO hosted a “Down on the Farm” fall festival. And for the first time it truly felt like fall – and then I was quickly reminded that I really don’t enjoy being cold. I have lived in areas with a cold season for 27 years of my life – so you would think a chilly breezy night would be no big deal. It’s clear I was meant for Arizona.

Its been so long since we’ve experienced “chilly” weather the kids don’t know how to dress. I told Hunter to make sure he dressed warm – He threw on a light jacket with his shirt, shorts and flip flops. 10 minutes into the festival he was regretting that decision! The kids each had their tickets they were able to spend at the booth/games of their choosing.

Bennett was all about the bounce house – but wasn’t about to join in on the donut challenge, perhaps because he knew his dad were work him.
 photo 20151110-DSC_2875.jpg
 photo 20151110-DSC_2884.jpg
 photo 20151110-DSC_2887.jpg

Hallie and Hunter used their tickets to earn more tickets – always tough decisions on what will reap the most tickets!
 photo 20151110-DSC_2880.jpg
 photo 20151110-DSC_2881.jpg
 photo 20151110-DSC_2883.jpg
Cannon’s few tickets were used at the petting zoo – best four tickets he could’ve spent. He petted, held, sang to and loved those animals. So fun to watch him try and interact with the chickens that were running from him!
 photo 20151110-DSC_2891.jpg
 photo 20151110-DSC_2896.jpg
Have I mentioned how much I admire PTO Boards? I help out with events but it’s nothing like the people that plan and pull these things off. Every year I’m impressed.