I’ve enjoyed recording my kids seemingly normal moments in realtime. I figured for kicks and giggles I’d photograph one of my own moments in real time:
 photo 20151117-DSC_2936.jpg
This is back patio right now. It wouldn’t seem so bad if it hadn’t looked like this for several weeks! I started one of those projects that I figured would be wrapped up much faster than was the case. Cannon’s Christmas present has taken some time and then there was another little project that I managed to squeeze in.
 photo 20151117-DSC_2933.jpg
And because I only can find an hour here and an hour there – my patio has looked like this for too long. I’m grateful for a patient and understanding husband. And even more grateful that I still have all my fingers after spending hours on the scroll saw!
 photo 20151117-DSC_2939.jpg
Gone are the days of me finishing a project quickly without interruptions!