Sometimes you come across products that you just can’t help but be freakishly excited about all the while thinking – “Why in the world did I not think of this?”

I spent the summer battling cup clutter; on every single counter. The kids each have their own camelback which worked decently, but they were homeless and always ended up haphazardly on every counter. And then a kid wouldn’t be able to find one and they needed a drink so bad, so they grabbed a new cup and wouldn’t you know it the other one mysteriously appeared. The cups multiplied like rabbits! I’ve never wanted an indoor drinking fountain so bad.

Towards the end of the summer I started to look for some solutions online. Many involved magnets which I didn’t love and I was never able to pull the trigger.
 photo 20140901-pujcups2_2100x2100_ea0aad3a-ed24-4754-aec4-a0444e153cbd_1024x1024.jpg
When visiting our friends in Colorado a few weeks ago, they had these fancy schmancy cups hanging on their fridge. I watched as her kids would take a cup off the fridge, drink out of it and put it right back. They were the Puj Phillup Cups. It was exactly what I was looking for and I immediately pulled it up on Amazon and made my purchase.
 photo 20151112-PU-PUJ-Phillup-MLT.jpg
Now for my disclaimer: They’re not cheap…but they have made my life easier and that’s worth something! They come in four colors in either a one, two or four pack. The cups hang from a little nub that is mounted to the surface using a very strong adhesive. I hung mine vertically so that Cannon is only able to reach his cup and Bennett is only able to reach his.

A major disadvantage: The little loop on the cup isn’t very strong and Cannon broke his the very first time he was pulling off his cup. At his age he pulls down, not off, which led to the break, but it still hangs fine. My friend had one cup that had the same loop broken which is evident of the toddler in her house.

We’ve used them for a month now and I’m shocked at how much I’ve loved them for how simple the concept is. Only one cup has been misplaced and that was Cannon’s cup – we’re still training him on making sure it makes it back to its home. But it’s working for us. And the upper rack of my dishwasher has never had more free space!