We had one of those weekends that you’re sitting on the couch late Sunday evening in exhaustion wishing you had another weekend to recover from your weekend.

It started with Hallie’s birthday party on Friday (more pictures to come) which landed me on the couch asleep at 8:45 Friday night for a quick three hour power nap – I forget my pregnancy energy isn’t the same as my normal energy.
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Saturday morning we were up first thing for a service project as a neighborhood to assist the widows in the area with some yard work. Not that my young children were the most useful workers – but they were there and they worked. No picture of the yard work but we made sure to get a donut picture!
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We left straight from the service project to meet up with family and watch our nephew play football. He killed it and had the best cheering section out of everyone – strength in numbers.

We rushed home from the game so Steve and I could go to the last ASU football game of the season. It was a great game and the company was fun. (Steve’s brother and brother-in-law) Not to mention the weather was beautiful, just the type of weather you want to see on a beautiful fall afternoon watching college football. It helps that we ended with a win.
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By the time we picked up the kids at the neighbors and got home we were spent.

Today was spent enjoying the kids primary program at church in which each of our children proudly recited the parts they had memorized and Bennett provided entertainment for the congregation – he was so proud of himself after saying his part he waved to the audience as he stepped down from the podium and in all his 4 year old excitement hugged his friend and planted a kiss on his friend’s cheek.

We spent the afternoon cooking and baking for a family gathering this afternoon which lasted a couple hours and took us to bedtime.

And here I sit thinking – I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. I’m not ready to face the week, I need more time. All the things we did were great and I wouldn’t trade a single thing but now is when a three day weekend would really come in handy!