There’s a big difference between boys and girls when it comes to school projects. When Hallie would get a project she would come home from school and demand that we work on it immediately because it was due in two weeks. Hunter gets a project and we’re lucky if we find out before the due date has come and gone!

He was the star student a couple weeks ago and after a long week I was cleaning out his backpack when I came across a packet of information stating he was star student and a poster needed to be made and turned in on Monday. It was Thursday – four days later! I’m lucky I found it because it had important information regarding his “Star Report” which happened to be the next day and needed a parent to come present with him in class.

This is when Steve’s new found flexible schedule comes in handy – He was able to be in the classroom and present facts about Hunter while I stayed home with two napping children.

I’m not sure who was more excited – Hunter or Steve!

 photo 20151113-IMG_4267.jpg
 photo 20151113-IMG_4265.jpg