I’m not a huge Star Wars fan – I suppose it would be hard to be a fan if you’ve never seen the movies. I don’t even know the characters – I might as well live under a rock. Don’t judge me. Movies aren’t my thing – and if I am going to watch a movie I better have one foot in reality the whole time.

But there’s a lot of hoopla since the new movie is coming out next week. I feel like every commercial on tv and every merchandise line is cashing in on this cultural phenomena. I bought into the excitement with these sweet pajamas for Cannon. I may not be a Star Wars fan but I’m a big fan of a great deal and these bad boys were only 2.97 at Nordstrom Last Chance and they’re nice thick material. I’ll be a fan of just about anything at that price!

My favorite part is Cannon calling them his “Baca jamas”.
 photo 20151121-IMG_4219.jpg
I’m about ready to watch at least one of the movies just so when people talk about it I don’t look like a three eyed monster when they ask if I’ve seen it. It’s becoming socially unacceptable!