After spend a couple hours at the turkey trot we returned home in order to prepare food for our Thanksgiving feast. Steve’s family is not small and every gathering takes a lot of man-hours just to provide food for that many people. Although I wasn’t cooking an entire meal, I still found myself in the kitchen for several hours as I’m sure everyone providing food did.

Steve’s brother hosted this year and they’ve got the ideal set-up to handle 50 people and still make it feel intimate. There was a system. The littlest kids dished up and ate first.
 photo 20151126-DSC_3383.jpg

We were able to help them and assist them while the next age category cycled through and then the teenagers.
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 photo 20151126-DSC_3385.jpg
By the time the adults were ready to eat, our youngest were done and ready to go play which left Steve and I to enjoy a nice relaxing dinner surrounded by family. Everyone delighted in their favorite dish. I’m personally a rolls and stuffing fan. However, there were a good number of people who couldn’t stop talking about the yams. There was something for everyone.

While enjoying our adult time, we each wrote what we were grateful for on a leaf and everyone tried guessing who wrote it. Some were easy to guess. Others took some time and then required an explanation. I shared that I’m grateful for my hands; that they work and function as they should. My hands are crucial to my work and the things I enjoy doing. I often take for granted that they do exactly what I want them to do, when I want them to do it, without pain or difficulty. Oh, how I love and appreciate my hands and all they allow me to do.

After dinner, there was pickleball, football, napping, relaxing, talking and prepping ourselves for the largest display of desserts one should ever witness! Extended family stopped by for desserts and before long there was over 70 people under one roof (and in one backyard). It was exactly what we love about Thanksgiving – family.

Grateful we live close enough to enjoy their company on more than just holidays!
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