The week before Thanksgiving, several of us in the family volunteered to help stuff bags for the Turkey Trot and roll t-shirts for registration in support of Families Fighting Blindness. It was a Tuesday morning, so most of our kids were in school. Those down from college were able to help out and Steve’s sister who was visiting was able to bring her kids. I brought my two youngest (obviously not my most helpful children!) who admired the dog that was there and played in the sand in the volleyball court. With so many helping hands – it didn’t take long. It wasn’t a grand act of service, but service nonetheless.

I wished that all the cousins could’ve been there to help out, my older kids especially. Not because we needed more hands, but I wanted them to see that there is much more to Lucy’s foundation than just walking on Thanksgiving morning. I want them to see all the people that are giving their time and talents to not only Lucy’s charity but to the other charity that benefits from the Turkey Trot, AZ Brainfood.
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While we were stuffing bags there was a legion of people behind us prepping food to deliver to all the area schools to send home with kids in need. It’s a big process. Donations to buy food. People who pack the food. People who load up the food in their cars and deliver it. They do this every single week. And they do it out of the goodness of their hearts. That’s what I want my kids to see. Service without anything in return. It’s even benefitial for me to witness and take part in – such a powerful reminder of all the good that’s taking place behind closed doors. People’s hearts are good.

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