We’ve got a book lover in our house. He has single handedly destroyed more books than all the rest of our children combined, not intentionally, but because he uses them so much. He has a book case in his room and there’s always a pile he’s pulled out and put on his dresser. We often find him in a comfy bean bag in the playroom next to the books with a pile sitting next to him. He’s been known to pull the books off of Hallie’s shelf while she’s at school or out of Hunter’s locker. Because of him, there’s books haphazardly placed throughout the house; on the kitchen table, on the floor of the entry way, on the piano, next to my desk, under the couch, we’ve even found one in the toilet!

He spends a lot of time looking at books but he loves it even more when someone reads the book to him. If you’re a visitor to our house, he will bring you a book and request that you read it. The morning after Christmas – still in his Christmas jammies – he requested Steve’s mom read him a book. And after she read that one, he brought her another. He would’ve climbed up on her lap with a book as long as she was sitting on that couch!
I love watching a child explore a book. Childhood is too short.