The front yard is becoming one of those projects where every Saturday we go out and work – yet at the end of a long laborious day it’s hard to see much improvement. That’s been our last couple weekends. I’m happy to report the patio is finally done with a new paver walkway and we’re ready to move on to all the other things on the landscape re-haul list! This weekend’s progress was the removal of a light post and mailbox – as well as removing more rock. I did not realize how much rock we had until we started relocating it!

We were hoping to have dirt delivered this last week to start the leveling process but it rained every single day, which is highly unusual for our area and season. Our front yard looked like a swimming pool most the week which meant we needed to let things dry out before moving forward. Instead of leveling, we removed rock. Moving it from our old planter beds to an area that needs to be raised (where we won’t be planting anything). It’s tiring to say the least and Steve killed it for several hours.

Luckily, removing rock is a task that even the youngest of our children can help with and they’ve all been out there every Saturday earning their wages in Gatorade.
 photo 20160102-IMG_4387.jpg

Here’s how it sits now.
 photo 20160109-DSC_4325.jpg
We’ve got plenty still left on the to-do list:
Have dirt delivered
Regrade the yard
Run all new sprinkler lines
Run low voltage wires for pathway lights
Lay edging around new planter areas
Build new mailbox tower
Wrap posts to make them less decorative
Install gate
Install new patio lights
Plant new plants/trees
Plant new grass

We’ve got our work cut out for us!