Slowly but surely we’re inching away on the front yard makeover.

With all of our removal of trees, bushes and everything else we seemed to get rid of – we had to bring in dirt. Not to mention we had a whole side yard that has always sat 9″ below our patio which we wanted to raise considerably. I did my calculations and figured we needed 17 yards of dirt.
 photo 20160118-DSC_4527.jpg
I greatly underestimated just how much that dirt would compact with a tractor grading it and we ended up having another 13 yards delivered which was just the right amount.

With the dirt delivered and with it properly graded – Steve and I got to take a little break. A much needed break.

We hired out the sprinklers (that way we have someone to blame besides ourselves when we end up with dry spots!) and they’ve been working on them this week.
 photo 20160127-DSC_4572.jpg
 photo 20160127-DSC_4588.jpg
Marking utilities, planning, trenching, new valve box, etc. And while we were at we decided to go ahead and replace the main waterline coming into the house and make it sit more than a couple inches deep – we’re lucky we’ve never damaged it with how shallow it was!

I’m really grateful at this point that we opted to hire this task out!

Unfortunately, the minute they’re done, the responsibility turns back over to us and our Saturdays are filled once again. We’ll enjoy one more weekend yard work free.