My kids love to play “restaurant”. When they were little, this involved our play kitchen and pulling out all the play food and serving it to everyone. As they’ve grown older, “restaurant” has become much more involved and far more realistic. In fact, Hallie and Hunter like to put on their Home Depot aprons and serve lunch to any willing participants.

This particular menu came from a Sunday lunch they served Steve after he returned home from meetings. They had the table all set up and the menu made by the time he walked in the door and he promptly sat and started ordering his food. They worked their way around the kitchen fulfilling his order and they were grinning ear-to-ear as they proudly brought each item to the table in excitement.  photo 20151213-IMG_2806.jpg
 photo 20151213-IMG_2807.jpg
How can I make doing the laundry this much fun for them?