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We’ve spent the last year attending church at 8:30am and it was not always fun. Steve left early for meetings which meant I got the kids ready for church on my own. At 8 o’clock, Steve would come home from meetings and take the four kids to church. This left me 10-15 minutes to get dressed and finish getting ready and meet them at church where I would sit with the kids by myself. Sunday mornings were nothing short of exhausting.

But a new year, means a new time to attend church (every year at the beginning of the year we rotate to a different time) and now church starts at noon. This may not seem like a big deal but let me tell you, it’s a game changer. Steve’s around more in the mornings before heading off to meetings and although I still sit alone (I do sit by some fantastic families who help me out) the later time makes a world of difference. Not to mention 8:30 church on my own with a new baby might have done me in!