There’s a family in our area who lost their little girl in an accident last week and ended up having a baby the next morning. And although I don’t know them personally, (Steve knows of them and we have many mutual friends) my heart aches for them. I’ve found myself thinking of this family many times in the last couple days and they’ve been in our prayers as a family.

They have a heavy burden to carry right now. I think our struggles and trials at times are more than we feel capable of bearing and yet I’ve witnessed strong and amazing people endure tragedies with strength and poise. When I hear of tragedies such as this my mind starts to race and I wonder how I would handle such heartbreak? Would I face it with strength? Would I shrink and let it consume me? How would it affect me?

I hope to never find out how I would react to losing a child. My heart goes out to those that have. I hope many can find peace in knowing that “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” May we all find the sun rising on our dark nights.

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