You know when you get knee deep in a project and you start to second guess whether you should have ever started?! Steve’s there on the front yard makeover. We have spent the last several Saturdays and more time before Christmas working outside…for hours and hours. It’s a family experience and we’re all out there together and at the end of each working day we’re exhausted.

Steve was extra exhausted this weekend. We rented a powerful rototiller and Steve tilled the earth (a painful process when your soil is mostly clay) – but it looks and feels so much better!
 photo 20160116-IMG_4401_1.jpg
We need to regrade our property after all of our demolition and this was one step in the process. Steve had to manage this 560lb piece of equipment (that we rented) for three hours straight. He has blisters to prove just how rough this was. I give Steve a lot of credit; we hesitated whether we even needed this step, but he owned it and tackled the whole front yard without any complaints. I didn’t do a whole lot more than help the kids remove rocks from the soil we turned up and even that was tiring.

Looking on the bright side – we’re doing this in January and not July. It could be much worse. We have to keep telling each other – eventually, this will be worth it!