We’re counting down – 4 weeks to go!

And I’m feeling it. It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand. Laying horizontal is by far the most comfortable position but even then rolling over is way too much work! I’m in the 36th week of my 5th child and as my doctor kindly put it, “Its not as if each pregnancy gets any easier.” I would have to agree.

We still have yet to really discuss names – we’re not those people that know months in advance what the name will be. We’re usually hung up on the social security paperwork as we’re trying to get out of the hospital.

I’m enjoying my Cannon time while it’s still his time (while Bennett is at preschool). He’s in for rude awakening as has been the case with all of our children when they give up “youngest child” status.

I’m tired of wearing the same pants and shirts day after day. I refuse to buy anything new and every morning I have to get dressed I stare blankly at my clothing thinking how many more times I’ll have to wear this small section in my closet. In fact, two of my very favorite shirts this pregnancy are not maternity – they’re from the Loft and they’ve been my staples (the one shown in these photos). They’ll come in handy after the baby too!

I’ve got to buckle down and start locating all of our baby gear/clothing from storage in the midst of all the other things I want to get done (none of which really needs to be done!).

36 weeks pregnant36 weeks pregnant

The countdown is on.