Bennett had his Valentine’s party last week and to say he was excited is an understatement. Something unique about Bennett (in comparison to our other children) is that anticipation nearly kills him. It doesn’t matter what he’s anticipating, he can’t handle the wait which is why we’re very careful as to how far in advance we tell him about anything.

Not too long ago, I told him at the last minute that we would be going to a trampoline park. He was bouncing off the wall for the 10 minutes before we left. Once we arrived and he jumped for 20 minutes, he was anticipating what we would be doing next: Lunch. It was so hard for him to not focus on lunch that he made himself miserable the rest of the time with his friends.

It happens all the time. He can’t wait to have a friend over. Once his friend finally arrives, he’s got to know what we’re doing next and it always ruins whatever moment he’s in. He’s dying to go to a friends birthday – 30 minutes in he wants to go home and do something else. At breakfast he needs to know what we’re having for dinner.

We’re really working with him on laying out schedules he can follow so he knows what to expect but that doesn’t seem to help. The anticipation is more than he can handle.

So as his preschool teacher continued to talk about the Valentine’s party – he was so ready. He wanted his Valentine’s done early (once he has something on his mind, he is relentless until it comes to pass). The night before the party he couldn’t sleep and several times we had to usher him back to bed. It was no surprise that 4 o’clock in the morning rolled around and he was up and ready to go. He got dressed (in a red shirt, because it was a Valentine’s day party after all!) and had his backpack on long before he even needed to be up. It was all he could talk about. You would’ve thought he was going to Disneyland.

The party came and went and I got very few details about what actually took place – but this is the face he gave me when I told him to give me his excited party face.
 photo 20160211-DSC_5039.jpg
Now the only thing he can talk about is his birthday. A birthday that isn’t for a while, but nonetheless, he will be talking about it until he sees that birthday bucket on the table and presents with his name on them!

It’s exhausting, really.