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My dad has been visiting for the last week and he went home today – sad day. Somehow I’ve convinced him to come out every spring for the last four years and even in my very pregnant state, he was willing to come help on some projects – even when I wasn’t nearly as helpful as I’ve been previously. In the past I’ve had grand ideas (like…let’s build a barn door, a 12 foot entertainment center or a large shed…when neither of us had any experience in anything of the sort!)

But my energy and mobility aren’t quite up to par – so instead of starting a new project, he helped further our already half-way through lawn project. We built out the posts which took a couple days and then we turned our attention to the brick borders for our lawn gardening beds. And when we wrapped that up yesterday afternoon, then he helped with some garage organization for my tools and such. This morning he only had a few hours before he had to fly out, but he made the most of it and installed some lights in the backyard and switched out hinges on our doors. He’s very useful to have around.

Sometimes I let myself dream what it would be like to have him live closer and then I remind myself that I would completely wear him out and he would never want to come over! Luckily, he can handle me in week long doses.

I was sad to see him go today and my kids were even more sad. They like having grandpa around to tickle and wrestle and peel grapefruit for them. Yes you read that right, my dad peels grapefruit and eats them like an orange. I don’t know anyone else who eats them this way! And now my kids think that is way they should be eaten. We made sure to send him home with a nice box of grapefruit and oranges. That’s a benefit only our spring visitors get to take advantage of.

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