Its as if he’s known the whole week that he’s about to be dethroned as the baby of the family. He’s snuggled up every time he sees me on the couch – which has been often. He bats his long lashes at me and lays his head on my chest doing his best to snuggle close with my belly in the way.

He brought me to tears one afternoon (blame it on the hormones) as he snuggled up and whispered he loved me and then stayed there for 20 minutes. My tears dropped, wetting his hair, with the same anxiety that’s bubbled up every time we’ve welcomed another child: How in the world will I be able to love another kid like I love this guy? He’s my little buddy and I don’t want him to feel replaced or dethroned or less loved.

And with each child the anxiety has dissipated as we brought that new baby home and I watched as the kids loved on their new sibling without any hesitations. My love hasn’t ever been divided, but instead multiplied over and over again. And no doubt it will yet again multiply this week.

 photo 20160223-IMG_4466.jpg

But I’m sure glad this guy gave me some tender snuggle moments this week – perks of being a mom.