It’s hard to believe we’ve been a family of seven for seven days. Luckily, my mom has been around to help us out while we get back up and running. Or walking briskly. Look, I’ll take even walking at this point! The recovery after each kid gets just a little harder each time – part of it is my body, part of it is having the other kids to take care of. But we’re making it work and everyone is adjusting well.

I introduce – Briggsy Boy – as his siblings lovingly refer to him as. With one week under our belt – he’s by far the easiest newborn of our five kids. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for him to lose rank! He doesn’t cry. He eats well. He sleeps well.

Of course once my mom leaves, it’ll all change and I’ll wonder where my peaceful baby went. But for now, we’re enjoying it.
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly Baby photo, 1 week