He eats. He sleeps. He sleeps. Repeat.

I’m not sure we’ve had such a quiet baby before. He cried for 2 1/2 hours right after he was born and he had one more episode while we were in the hospital and we haven’t really heard him cry since. It’s amazing.

He loves the pacifier which is part of why he doesn’t cry a whole lot.

He sleeps well. Better during the day than at night but we’re working to change that. I’ve got the coveted midnight to 2am shift – then he typically settles back down and sleeps a good amount which gives me some rest.

His older sister adores him. She loves to hold him and is always willing to help.

He spits up a lot – after every feeding. (All my kids have been that way!) We go through a lot of burp cloths.

He enjoys long walks on the…road. I’m sure he would enjoy them at the beach as well. Really anywhere for that matter, he enjoys the stroller and we try to go walking most nights.

He’s mastered being a 2 week-old baby.
Life with Fingerprints: Weekly Baby photo, 2 weeks