He sleeps during the day – he wants snuggles in the middle of the night. Do you blame the kid? I take the late night shift – Steve’s got morning duty. We’re making it work. We’re hoping he starts to figure out his days and nights.

Dealing with a newborn is complete trial and error. We make a hypothesis as to why he’s not sleeping. We alter his environment some how and see if it did any good. Positive results = repeat actions. He wants to sleep without being bundled. Maybe we should bundle him with one arm out. Lets try a full swaddle. Turn on the sound machine. Turn off the sound machine. Turn off the lights before it’s time to put him to bed. Try putting him to bed earlier. Don’t give him the pacifier to go to bed. Maybe he still has a burp he’s working to get out.

It’s a complete guessing game when they’re this young even when we’ve gone through this five times!

All the while Briggs is thinking – I’ll sleep, I just want to be snuggled while I sleep. Is that too much to ask?
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