A day after we got home from the hospital I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I sat on the couch, tired and sore and having a hard time getting comfortable while the whirlwind of life seemed to be going on around me with kids and meals and chores and everything else. I was still but everything around me was in constant motion. I needed more stillness.
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That afternoon found me outside soaking in a peaceful moment while most of the family was inside resting/napping. The temperature was perfect – not too hot, not too cold and it was overcast. The orange blossoms were in full bloom and the sweet smell filled the air. The birds were singing simple tunes. And I sat holding a three-day old baby. The time passed slowly and an inner peace washed over me. It was exactly what I needed that afternoon as I struggled with the hormone shift my body was experiencing (and still is experiencing!).
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After a while, Steve came out to join me and we enjoyed the moment together. And because we are never alone for very long – in no time the kids were outside with us; smothering us with their love. The peaceful moment turned into a moment of gratitude for the family we’ve created. Not usually a calm and quiet family, but definitely a loving family.
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