I’m convinced that I will probably never reach an age that I don’t need my mom. I’ve always had a great respect for and relationship with my mom but the older I get, the more valuable it is. I’m in my thirties and a mother myself, which makes me appreciate her even more.

She came to visit just after Briggs was born to help us out and today we said goodbye and sent her back up to Idaho. Both of us were in tears as we embraced one last time at the airport. She said to me, “Don’t worry, you’ve got this.” And the rational side of me knew she was telling me the truth. But the emotional side of me replied back, “Yes, but I would much rather have you here helping me.”

And it’s the truth. I enjoy having her in my house. I like the company when I’m holding a baby at 11 o’clock at night and Steve has already gone to bed. I like having someone to help Cannon grab a drink when I’m nursing on the couch. I like that someone is awake and functioning when my kids get out of bed after I was up much of the night. I like having an adult conversation over lunch. I like having someone else around to hear Bennett’s funny comments.

I love having her here – baby or no baby! I’m grateful she’s able and willing to be a part of our life here; playing piano with Hallie, games with Hunter, puzzles with Bennett, reading to Cannon or holding Briggs. Not to mention the playful manner in which she pokes and jabs at Steve and he pokes and jabs right back. She’s awesome. Which makes days like today especially hard.

Drop-off day is always the hardest. That was a long ride home from the airport!

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 photo 20160313-DSC_5897.jpg
 photo 20160313-DSC_5900.jpg
 photo 20160313-DSC_5904.jpg
 photo 20160313-DSC_5907.jpg
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Has it really been 2 1/2 years since Cannon was born and I had an equally hard time dropping her off at the airport? Where does time go?