This weekend we pulled out our Easter baskets for all the festivities. When we showed up to the family dinner and egg hunt this afternoon, many were impressed that Briggs already had a basket with his name on it. Then they realized that it matched perfectly with the other kids baskets. A basket that hasn’t been sold in many years!
 photo 20090412-DSC_0327.jpg
I purchased these baskets when Hallie was a toddler. In a wishful state, I purchased three pink and three blue baskets (although I never intended on having 6 kids – I was just playing the odds). And the baskets had worked out perfectly. Until…

When we found out we were having a boy last fall, Hallie was quick to point out that he was going to have to settle for a pink Easter basket because that was all we had left.

Luckily, my sister-in-law also purchased these same baskets when I purchased mine. She had one blue one left that she never used and she had kept it all these years. When we were visiting her in Denver last fall I got my hands on it and I was a little excited. Our caboose has his matching bucket with his name.

 photo 20160327-DSC_6416.jpg

And when there this little – why not put them in their bucket!