Bennett’s preschool teacher sends an email every week telling the parents the happenings from the week. She goes over the letters they learned, funny things the kids say as well as any information that might be important to parents.

This is my fourth year with this teacher – I know the routine. So each week I get the email, I scan through it to see if Bennett is mentioned and then I skip to the last paragraph which contains important info. Bennett is over flowing with funny comments so he’s mentioned frequently in emails.

I read the last weekly update and was surprised to see Bennett quoted twice. The first comment was typical of his humor. The second comment…I was a little surprised…and so was the teacher. Here’s a paragraph from her email:

“We learned what happens when s and h get together. Sh! They break the rules and make their own new sound! We found lots of sh words. Shark, sheets, share, sheep, shop and shut the door! Funny story; we were finding sh words and the children were ‘shushing’ to find words; Shhhhhip! Shhhharptooth! Quite innocently, Bennett shushed and came up with, shh, shh, shhhhit! Completely unaware of what he had just said, he smiled as he looked up for validation. I stifled my surprised giggle. Right! It is an sh word! But, it’s not a good word. How about shut? Yah! Let’s go with that! Shut! Good job, Bennett! Sheesh!”

My mom was visiting when I received the email and we were both dying of laughter. Even when he’s not trying to be funny he still makes me laugh. For the record – that’s not a word he’s heard in this house and I’m pretty sure the only “swear” words he’s aware of are stupid, shut up and using the Lord’s name in vain.

It’s a good thing his preschool teacher has a sense of humor and knows how to roll with it!

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