I’m going to interrupt all this fun baby talk for just a minute.

While Steve and I were in the hospital, Steve’s parents took care of our kids. It was so reassuring knowing they were in good hands and they got to sleep in their own beds while our attention was elsewhere. To say the kids enjoyed their grandparents attention is an understatement. Part of what made their time with our kids so special was knowing that just a few days after we returned from the hospital, they would be off on an adventure to Africa as service missionaries for six months (although we’ll get to see them briefly in seven weeks when they return for a family wedding).

They had just a few short days (amidst trying to get packed up and ready to go) to get their fill of baby snuggles before they left on their journey. Really, is there anything better than newborn snuggles?

 photo 20160307-DSC_5512.jpg

We sure will miss them. We look forward to hearing about their experiences and the people they’re helping in Ghana.